Meet Kakadu – the Aussie hero that will take your skincare to the next level 

While it might have a fun-to-say name, the Northern Australian-grown Kakadu Plum means serious business when it comes to skincare benefits. 

So serious, in fact, that data has shown that Kakadu Plums are the most Vitamin C-dense fruit on this planetcontaining 55 times more of it than an orange.And given how skin-loving a potent dose of antioxidants such as Vitamin C can be, this is really good news for your beauty game.   

Here, we share five reasons Kakadu Plum-infused skincare deserves a top spot in your beauty cabinet, pronto.

Benefit 1: Protects against toxins

Kakadu Plums are filled with an antioxidant called gallic acid, which is a powerhouse at protecting your skin against free radical damage caused by pollution and environmental toxins. These free radicals attack your cells, which can speed up the signs of aging, and make skin dehydrated. The stronger your protection against these toxins, the better your cellular health and the more youthful and happy your skin will look.

Benefit 2: Protects against sun damage

As we're all pretty clued up on by now, too much sun exposure is bad for our skin, causing sunspots, flakiness, roughness, rosacea, and of most concerning of all, skin cancer. And while antioxidants like gallic acid alone are by no means a substitute for sunscreen, they can neutralize free radicals, which will help protect your skin from UV light.

Benefit 3: Eases hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation are those dark patches on your skin, caused by the body producing too much melanin (the pigment that gives your skin color). Kakadu Plum contains a property that inhibits your skin's melanin production, making it an impressive brightening agent. This will help even out the skin tone, fade brown spots, and help stop any pesky new patches forming.

Benefit 4: Heals antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Kakadu Plums are plump with natural antioxidants that contain antibacterial properties that calm irritated skin, strengthen the skin’s outer barrier, and encourage suppleness and elasticity. This makes the fruit an effective treatment of acne, breakout-prone skin or inflammatory skin disorders.

Benefit 5: Tackles the signs of aging

The antioxidants in Kakadu Plum gives your skin a major helping hand by accelerating the production of collagen and elastin – two protein fibers that help keep skin plump and firm. This is a great weapon in the battle against fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent premature aging.

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