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Letter from the Founder

Today marks another milestone here at The Blaq Group. The course over one year and seven months, another brand has surfaced on the scene. Introducing Generation Skin – To give you a quick overview when conceptualizing the new vision, I had in mind, I knew the A-Beauty itself was a core classic in the beauty category. Generation Skin is a hybrid brand, an evolution of the Generation Clay story. When developing concepts on how we wanted to communicate this extended range, we wanted the basis of core natural Australian botanical ingredients to reflect our new movement. Generation Skin is conceptualized based on what this new customer was going to be and what they personified.

Meet three key ingredients that are going to be your next beauty-shelf staple:


To ensure you aren’t lost in translation, Generation Clay will still keep its name under the new umbrella of Generation Skin. Identified as one brand, but the same narrative and objective when it comes to the same result-driven product goals.

With our focus to continue to create, produce products that are beneficial for one’s well-being, and of course, complexion! I hope to continue to drive this narrative that Australian botanicals are your source for clean and clear skin.

Ryan Channing

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