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Meet Generation Skin!


While we do have a few older siblings out in the beauty sphere that you might already know – oh, hey Blaq and Flight Mode – we are new around here.

So in the name of getting to know us better, we’re sharing five reasons why we think GENERATION SKIN deserves some prime real estate on your top shelf.


1. Ingredients are important to us

We don’t throw any old ingredients into our skincare products. In fact, it’s a process we take very seriously. We’re big believers that some of the world’s most effective (yet gentle) beauty saviors come from the earth and the sea. That’s why you’ll find us incorporating ingredients such as Marine Algae, Kakadu Plum, Green Tea, and Desert Lime into our range.


2. We’re worthy of the ‘gram

While we know it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, it never hurts to look good. And better than just good – we look gram-worthy good. From face masks in pastel shades to statement, gel-like eye patches, our products won’t just look great front and center on your top shelf, but they’ll look great in a selfie too.


3. We offer a solution to every skin concern

We know everyone’s skin is different, which is why we offer products that target a bounty of skincare issues. Whether you’re looking to keep blackheads at bay, tackle dull skin tone, protect against the elements, combat dark-circles, fight the signs of ageing or give your skin a super boost of hydration, we’ve got you covered.


4. We don’t test on animals

Did you know statistics suggest that 115 million animals worldwide are experimented on yearly as part of cosmetic animal testing? We’re as shocked as you are. So while we know it should go without saying, unfortunately it does need to be said: We don’t test any of our raw materials or finished products on animals.


5. We’re already looking to the next big beauty innovations

We’re always a step ahead – so while GENERATION SKIN’s current beauty arsenal might be all you need right now, we’re already catering to what you’ll want next. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new product drops, including an advanced tech- infused beauty treatment that is set to light up your beauty routine.

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